ASEE Introduces Passwordless Authentication to Turkiye with Keyless Cooperation

ASEE in Turkey, is furthering its products and services in the field of fraud prevention through the partnership with Keyless. The new generation privacy-preserving authentication solution will eliminate risks and hacks caused by compromised credentials.

Enterprises are searching for ways to secure customer accounts from rising cases of payment fraud caused by weak and stolen credentials, as well as 2FA vulnerabilities. Keyless offers a user-friendly solution that enables its clients to secure customer accounts and strengthen payment security without compromising on user experience or compliance.

The new generation passwordless authentication solution will protect the privacy of users by combining facial and behavioral biometrics. Advanced encryption technology will provide a smooth authentication experience without sacrificing security and convenience. Transaction abandonment and operational costs that may arise due to forgotten passwords will be prevented. The solution, which also prevents password theft, will provide an effective fight against fraud attacks.

Jelena Petrovic

Published On: October 12th, 20220.7 min read


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