Effective document management
solution that puts you in control
over critical business processes.

Effective document management
solution that puts you in control
over critical business processes.

Optimize the documentation flow within the organization of any size.

ASEE Business correspondence (ABC) is a platform that enables companies to run effective operations by optimizing content, document flow & archiving processes in both – digital and physical world.

Helping 47+ financial institutions
around the world

How does ABC make customers’ life better?

With a single interface, all important information is stored securely and efficiently in an easy-to use format so you can focus on what matter the most – doing your job the best.

Hussle free solution

We simplify your operations by making processes easier to track and monitor. You will have access not only for yourself but also for other departments in order make sure nothing gets lost or left behind.

No more lost or incomplete files

With our system, you will never have to worry about lost or incomplete files because everything will be right at your fingertips ́and easily accessible by both department and individual users!

Simplify the way you work with documents

Your office productivity will improve since all the information is stored securely and efficiently in a single
Interface. easy to navigate by both department and individual users.

Features that bring results:

Document indexing is the process of linking or labeling digital documents with certain attributes or labels. It makes discovering files easier and so allows the user to access any document at any moment with a few clicks.

The advanced search is an extension of the classic search that enables you to use a wide range of search criteria when searching for archived items.

The timestamp proves that the contents of the document existed at the time that it was signed, and the digital signature proves that the document has not been changed since then. As a result, time stamps are an important way to ensure the authenticity of digital signatures and documents.

Organizations can categorize their information according to the regulations to which they are subject, and then pinpoint the required minimum retention period for each category.

ABC main characteristics:

Cloud and on-premises platform

ABC is a ready-made solution that is deployed on-premises or in the cloud so the platform could meet requirements of any type for both SMEs and Enterprises.

Microservice architecture

Service ­oriented architecture shapes up the ABC as enterprise-grade, scalable software solution for content services.

Vendor independent solution

Supporting business flexibility, ABC suite is vendor-neutral and fit for deep integration with adjacent business-centric applications

Results you could expect:


Reduce cost of operation


Improved business processes


More effective collaboration

How to start with ABC document management solution?

Large amounts of data from various channels, in digital and physical formats, challenge processing and storage. Scattered data in multiple files and locations make searches and updates unreliable.

The way the content is handled becomes critical for businesses of any size.

Mark a business critical processes

Define roles, rules and a workflow journey

Start with initial process implementation and a training

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