Artemispay reaches 1 million transactions per day with Banco Sabadell’s Smart POS system

On 23th December 2023, Artemispay reached a historic milestone. Necomplus‘ integrated payment management platform for physical merchants successfully processed over 1 million transactions in a single day, as part of Banco Sabadell’s groundbreaking Smart POS project. This remarkable achievement was made possible by the cutting-edge technology powering Artemispay, a proprietary development that ensures the efficiency of every transaction. Furthermore, Artemispay offers a wide range of value-added applications, providing customers with an unparalleled payment experience.

The foundation of this payment solution lies in its advanced technology, which has earned the trust of customers across various sectors including retail, transportation, pharmaceuticals, technology, and banking institutions such as Banco Sabadell. Active listening to the market and payment players has enabled the tool to evolve over the time, consolidating its position as a leading solution in the market.

“There are several initiatives in which Necomplus has participated as a technology partner of Banco Sabadell, resulting in innovative and pioneering projects that have become benchmarks for the payments industry,” said Juan Vicente Cantó, Executive Chairman of Necomplus.

The Artemispay payment solution has successfully passed preventive stress tests successfully guaranteeing the solution’s robustness even during massive deployments of Android devices or transaction peaks during prominent sales campaigns.

“Artemispay is the result of combining the most advanced technology with teamwork between the main players in the payment industry and Necomplus, as a technology partner,” said Lorenzo Campos, General Manager of Necomplus.

In 2024 Necomplus will finalise a new version of Artemispay, an evolution of the solution that will further facilitate its integration into any business software, and will benefit its users with a wide range of value-added apps.

Artemispay’s 1st milestone celebration

Recently, part of the Necomplus development team together with Juan Vicente Cantó and Lorenzo Campos, president and CEO respectively, celebrated the 1st milestone for “one million transactions in one day”, accompanied by the heads of the Smart POS project of Banco Sabadell in recognition of their decisive collaboration.


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