ASA Bank joined forces with ASEE in a complex project of data migration and integration of two banks into one system

ASEE in Bosnia and Herzegovina partnered with ASA Bank and successfully migrated data from ASA Bank to ASEE Core Banking System (CBS). The project included client migration services from two banks. Servicing of migrated clients is now possible exclusively through the ASEE Core Banking solution.

ASEE and ASA Banka dd Sarajevo have also concluded a Master Agreement to collaborate on business activities, with a primary emphasis on data migration and meeting future scalability expectations. The agreement also aims to facilitate faster product innovation and maintenance of existing products.

Davor Tomić, Member of the Management Board of ASA Bank, commented on cooperation and said: “We continuously improve and develop our business activities. Maintaining our client’s satisfaction and positive response to our services is one of our main motivators, keeping us on the path of digitization, further development, and progress. The successful completion of such a comprehensive and complex process of integrating two banks confirms the quality and efficiency of ASA Bank, as well as the competence and effectiveness of the ASEE team, whom we recognize as a reliable and long-term partner.”

Davor Tomić, Member of the Management Board of ASA Bank

With the completion of this project the bank aims to maintain the consistency and standardize operations by using a single, highly scalable platform.

“The ASEE Core Banking System (CBS) is an integrated banking system for individuals and legal entities, designed to support banks in highly dynamic market environments or in the merging of developing companies. This is precisely the challenge that ASA Bank faced. With a tradition and existence of over 60 years, ASA Bank is recognized for its stability and security in the Bosnian and Herzegovinian market. We are extremely proud that, as a company, we can make a small contribution to their continuous improvement of comprehensive business processes through the implementation of the Core Banking solution.”, said Darko Glamočanin, Country leader of ASEE Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Darko Glamočanin, Country leader of ASEE Bosnia and Herzegovina

Jelena Petrovic

Published On: March 17th, 20231.7 min read


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