ASEE and Intesa Sanpaolo Group shaping the landscape of mobile banking innovation

Starting in 2016, ASEE embarked on a transformative collaboration with the Intesa Sanpaolo Group to revolutionize their mobile banking experience as part of the Digital Omnichannel Program. The primary goal was to develop a cutting-edge mobile banking app that would serve as a unified solution across multiple countries, including Hungary, Croatia, Egypt, Slovenia, Serbia, Albania, Romania, and Slovakia. In Romania, ASEE also implemented an Internet banking solution with a number of functionalities, making the user experience as simple as possible.

Technological Foundation

The architecture of the mobile app was strategically built upon the ASEE Adaptive Elements Platform and Secure Mobile Application Platform (SMAP). This robust foundation ensured scalability, adaptability, and seamless integration of innovative features across diverse regions.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

To maximize accessibility, the mobile app was designed to support multiple operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Huawei. This approach enabled a broader user base to leverage the advanced functionalities seamlessly.

Successful Rollout

The collaborative effort resulted in the successful rollout of the mobile banking app in all eight countries, marking a significant milestone in the Digital Omnichannel Program. The deployment showcased the effectiveness of the partnership and the commitment to delivering a unified, world-class banking experience.

Innovative Functionalities Delivered

Over the years, the ASEE-Intesa Sanpaolo collaboration developed an array of sophisticated features that brought innovation and enhanced capabilities mobile banking functionalities:

  1. #withSAVE: A feature promoting savings through digital channels, enhancing financial management for users.
  2. #withCASH: Facilitating cash-related transactions, providing users with convenient and secure options for managing their finances without needing cards.
  3. #withSIGN: Without visiting a branch office, customers can contract processes for various services, such as loans, cards, saving products, etc. This feature allows users to sign documents electronically, streamlining the process and providing a convenient, paperless experience.
  4. #withPAY: Facilitating easy payments between contacts directly from your device’s address book.
  5. Instant and Bill payments: The user can execute payments by scanning the QR code at the retailer’s POS and tracking and paying bills in his mobile app.
  6. Apple Pay and Gpay Integration: Seamless integration with popular mobile payment platforms offers users diverse payment options.
  7. Loans Contracting: Streamlining the loan application and approval process, making financial assistance more accessible to users, and eliminating the need to visit the physical branch.
  8. Conversational Banking: Introducing a conversational interface enhances user engagement and provides a more intuitive banking experience and support from the banks in everyday usage of the applications at any time.
  9. Payment from Email PDF Attachment: Enabling users to make payments directly from email attachments, simplifying transaction processes.
  10. GSM Voucher Integration: Integrating GSM voucher functionalities for easy mobile credit top-ups, catering to diverse user needs.
  11. Cards Contracting: Streamlining the card issuance and management process fully online without going to the branch.
  12. Remote Offer – My Proposals: Empower users with personalized financial proposals delivered remotely through the mobile app.
  13. Trading and Investments: Facilitating investment and trading activities within the app, empowering users to manage their portfolios seamlessly.


The long-standing collaboration between ASEE and Intesa Sanpaolo Group is a testament to the successful integration of advanced technologies and innovative solutions in the mobile banking sector. The project achieved its initial objectives and exceeded expectations by delivering a comprehensive suite of features that enhance user experience and solidify Intesa Sanpaolo’s position as a leader in digital banking across multiple countries.

The collaboration between ASEE and Intesa Sanpaolo Group has been an extraordinary journey, where innovative thinking and technological expertise came together to redefine mobile banking. Together, we successfully delivered a cutting-edge app across diverse regions and set new standards in user experience. This partnership reflects our shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of digital banking. Biljana Radović, Head of Digital Business & Platforms S/D at Intesa Sanpaolo.


Published On: April 29th, 20243.2 min read


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