ASEE – Client’s 1st choice for digitalization and security

With more than 3.000 employees worldwide, ASEE Group is one of the largest IT companies in Europe. We came into being by bringing together the experience, knowledge, and solutions of significant segment leading IT companies in the SEE region. Today we have grown beyond our region and even Europe, operating in four continents.

As a one-stop shop for banking, we offer a diverse portfolio of banking products across eight monetary systems in 20 countries and various solutions for telco, utilities, and the public sector.

Today, ASEE Group focuses primarily on providing banking software solutions and services, such as omnichannel solutions, integrated core banking systems built on the Oracle and Microsoft platforms, authentication security solutions, reporting systems for regulatory compliance, managerial information, and risk management systems.

We offer payment industry solutions, services, and outsourcing under Payten, our company and brand that provides complete payment industry solutions for financial and non-financial institutions that support card and cardless transactions, including eCommerce-related solutions, mPayments, Processing, and ATM and POS-related services. With Payten as part of ASEE Group, we can say that we truly supply complete services to the banking and financial industries.

Our dedicated solutions in developing IT infrastructure, implementations, and support ensure the continuity of business processes, automation of operations, and customized software development for our clients. Our vision is to become the no. 1 solution provider by understanding and being able to support and subsequently outsource complete business processes of the clients. That is why we are our clients’ first choice for digitalization and security.

Jelena Petrovic

Published On: October 12th, 20221.3 min read


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