ASEE completed transformative project for Electro Distribution of Serbia, marking significant leap forward in company’s digitalization journey

ASEE in Serbia has played a pivotal role in enhancing the client experience for Electro distribution in Serbia through the introduction of a groundbreaking web portal. This portal offers unprecedented access to the accounts of citizens across Serbia, achieved by consolidating the entire electricity user database. By providing a comprehensive overview of debts and consumption, we’ve empowered users with valuable insights. Anticipating a substantial boost in financial and operational efficiency, the implementation of this portal promises improved user satisfaction and heightened productivity. With streamlined bill tracking and payment functionalities, end users now enjoy seamless access while ensuring data security and receiving timely service alerts. The project stands as a testament to our success, heralding new opportunities in both regional and domestic markets.


Published On: March 22nd, 20240.6 min read


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