ASEE Implements Digital Origination Solution in Erste Bank in Serbia

The Successful Solution Release Executed in Parallel with Bank’s Core Replacement Project


Over the past time, Erste Bank in Serbia has initiated a comprehensive transition to a new core banking system, a series of digital initiatives consisting of core system replacement, DWH, implementation of ESB, implementation of DMS, implementation of new applications for online channels and many more.

ASEE was tasked with implementing Digital Origination product, consisting of the following scope:

1.       Loan Origination branch process (unsecured portfolio – Cash, Refinancing, Credit Cards, Overdrafts)

2.       Private Cheques

3.       Rating viewer

4.       Credit Bureau viewer

5.       Module for monitoring of previous and post/subsequent conditions


By introducing Digital Origination, the client has achieved significant automatization of processes and work optimization on the new platform.

Modern and scalable ASEE Digital Origination product is integrated with the new core system and other in-house banking systems, making processes automated as much as possible under the current regulative, which will surely improve Time-To-Yes and Time-To-Cash KPIs of the client.

Catching up with the smart use of agile methodologies

Through a controlled use of agile methodologies, together with the bank, the ASEE team was able to catch up with the gap we had from the start of this implementation vs the start of a new core banking system implementation. The team reached every milestone and was ready to support the overall EBS transition program GoLive on time.


Published On: June 21st, 20231.1 min read


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