ASEE Successfully Completes One of the Most Complex Integration Processes in the Region

Komercijalna banka and NLB banka have recently successfully merged into NLB Komercijalna banka, the third largest bank in Serbia and a member of the NLB Group.

The operational merger of two banks is always a challenging task. In this case, it required the integration of customer data, documentation, contracts, services, account numbers, and payment cards.

After the system transformation was completed, data exported from one system were imported into the newly formed one.

The scope of the project included multiple complex processes, with an additional challenge – the management of resources due to the parallel project of the operational merger of NLB banka and Komercijalna banka in Montenegro.

Thanks to the ASEE and Client’s expertise, the project was completed seamlessly despite the short deadline, with the smooth functioning of transferred products in the newly formed bank.

While fully integrating two banks, the ASEE team also implemented additional solutions for the needs of the proper  functioning of transferred products.

Jelena Petrovic

Published On: October 12th, 20220.8 min read


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