Banking Integration: ASEE Guided Eurobank and Direktna Bank Merger

Eurobank and Direktna Bank successfully merged. The ASEE Group, as the vendor of the target CBS platform and having high expertise, supported and guided the bank to this success.

This integration was not a small feat — it involved merging two different banking systems, applications, databases, products, and platforms into one functional unit.

The ASEE Group, chosen as the partner for this task, ran the process with precision and dedication.

The OM was very demanding and included the migration of two card systems as well as migration from multiple other source systems. ASEE carefully handled the transfer of data, ensuring that all legal and regulatory standards were met. Simultaneously, the teams integrated new software modules and technologies, to automate processes, enhance user experiences, and bolster the security measures of the bank.

The goal was clear: to maintain and improve operations while meeting client commitments and regulatory obligations.

Despite challenges and tight deadlines, ASEE and the client teams worked together seamlessly. This collaboration ensured the successful and timely realization of the banks’ s  goals.


Published On: October 19th, 20230.9 min read


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