Effective document management
solution that puts you in control
over critical business processes.

Never again miss a customer
stalled in the onboarding process.

A solution that enables efficient and quick customer onboarding on assisted channels.

Design up to 35% faster & stress-free customer onboarding process on the assisted channels.

Asseco Digital CIF is a solution that enables efficient and quick customer onboarding on assisted channels in full compliance with legal regulations.

How does Digital CIF make a bank’s life better?

Digital CIF best-practice templates and processes enable you to stay on top of the progress of your onboarding program at any time.

Fully predefined registration process for all client types

Thanks to the predefined processes built into the ASEE Digital CIF, the agent on the assisted channel collects data from the client in the most efficient way in order to fulfill the very demanding legal regulations in this area.

Customer onboarding in less than 10 minutes

Anything from SMS, email, video, social media, or any other channel is fully embedded into ASEE Digital CIF platform so you could make your bank easy to engage and start working with.

Scalable digitalization process

Scale effortlessly without adding headcount by leveraging onboarding build-in templates and processes.

Features that bring results:

ASEE Digital CIF leverages AI and data to deliver a personalized onboarding experience across assisted channels.

Get started with designing your customer onboarding process with a toolkit built on best practices for customer onboarding across dozens of proven processes. Get up and running fast so you can start collecting real data to customize and optimize your onboarding journey.

ASEE Digital CIF enable banks to have individual and organization customer onboarding process as contact, potential and full customer

Digital CIF main characteristics:

One platform for each step of a customer journey

ASEE Digital CIF helps you orchestrate superb customer experiences from the first touch to the customer advocacy status.
Whether you need help in detecting a bottleneck, risk, or engaging your stakeholders, we’ve got you covered.

Cloud-native architecture based on microservices

Microservice architecture represents the core structure of Digital CIF, which makes our solution easily scalable horizontally, meaning that each microservice can increase in size independently.

100% compliant solution

ASEE Digital CIF is fully compliant with KYC, FATCA, GDPR, and AML regulations so you do not need to worry while designing the best customer onboarding journey for your bank.

How to start with ASEE Digital CIF?

Utilize the know-how and pre-build processes to start fast and scale effortlessly by clicking on a button below.

Mark a business critical processes

Define roles, rules and a workflow journey

Start with initial process implementation and a training

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