Digital Touchpoint Egypt Conference: Shaping the Future of Digital Banking, Payments, and Security

The conference organized by companies ASEE and Payten brought together leading experts from Europe and Egypt to tackle the subject of Egypt’s digital future

Cairo, Egypt – June 1st, 2023ASEE and Payten, renowned players in the payment industry and digitalization of banks worldwide, successfully organized the “Digital Touchpoint Egypt Conference.“  The event brought together local and international industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to explore the future of digital banking, payments, and security and to address the challenges and opportunities in the evolving landscape of Egypt’s digital environment.

It was held on May 31st in Cairo at the luxurious St. Regis Cairo Hotel under the patronage of the Federation of Egyptian Banks. Ahmed Hodieb, Country Leader of Payten Egypt, opened the conference by expressing his gratitude to the partners and attendees. He highlighted the event’s significance: „Digital disruption is taking economies by storm, changing the face of business and our lives, and presenting ample opportunities as well as great challenges to many sectors of the economy. Transformation is growing rapidly in the Arab world and exponentially in Egypt, promising a golden age for market expansion and unprecedented growth through efforts from the government, entrepreneurs, and companies like ours. Digital technology is driving innovation in many key sectors of the economy, and we must all accept and adapt to its ever-growing presence in our lives. With this conference, we aim to create dialogue and exchange of knowledge and promote Egypt’s economic and technological presence on the world stage under enabling policies and regulations“.

The “Digital Touchpoint Egypt Conference” success highlights the efforts of ASEE and Payten to drive digital innovation and shape the future of banking, payments, and security.

Piotr Jeleński, CEO of ASEE & Payten, emphasized the commitment of the companies to Egypt, stating: „It gives me great pleasure to see the experts we have assembled here today, both on stage and among our esteemed audience. Payten, as an Egyptian company, is firmly committed to establishing itself as a long-term and innovative partner for banking, payments, and security. Our vision is to become the trusted provider of reliable solutions and premier business process outsourcer in Egypt. With our vast experience and expertise in digitalizing industries worldwide, I am confident that Payten can emerge as Egypt’s digital partner of choice.“

The conference agenda was designed to cover a wide range of topics. Keynote addresses and panel discussions focused on areas such as digital banking innovation, digital economy and strategic guidelines for the Egyptian market, financial inclusion, rising trends in mobile banking and their use in Egypt, securing the banking experience, and the evolution of the payments ecosystem.

Attendees gained valuable insights from industry leaders, learned from their experiences, and had the chance to forge meaningful connections with potential partners locally and internationally. Through productive discussions and the sharing of knowledge, the event facilitated a platform for growth and innovation, propelling Egypt forward in its digital journey.


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