Full office lifecycle solution designed to meet the complete needs of an international treasury operation in a modern environment.

Get a single source of truth
by integrating data from many disparate sources

Tezauri™ Regulatory Reporting solution, preparation, generation and visualization of regulatory reports

Tezauri™ DWH is a comprehensive business solution that not only fully covers all business processes and data sources but also technologies that enables a full integration of financial institution’s operational databases as well as external sources.

Meet Tezauri DWH modules

Seamless integration with other solutions enables end-to-end coverage of all business and technology needs of a modern business.

Data Integration

Tezauri DWH provides fast and flexible data integration processes so you can maximize the value of the data sources you already have, combining it into one source of truth.

Data Analysis

Reading large amounts of data to understand relationships and trends across the data. A Tezauri DWM is used to capture and store data, such as recording details of a transaction.


The data warehouse is a central repository of integrated data from one or more separate sources of data. Our solution extract, transform, and load (ETL) process and prepares the data for use by the data warehouse.

Top Tezauri DWM features:

Data model, based on the IBM Banking Data Model as the basic and essential component of all Tezauri™ solutions

The main characteristics of the Treasury Middle Office are:

  1. Monitoring & Analyze
  2. Limit management
  3. Risk management
  4. Portfolio management
  5. Position management
  6. Mark To Market

The main characteristics of the Treasury Back office are:

  1. Complete STP
  2. Automatic confirmation system
  3. Complete SWIFT support
  4. Settlements
  5. Reconciliation
  6. Calculations
  7. Accounting

The value ASEE Tezauri DWM delivers

Single Version of Truth

Enterprise DW model provides integration of all information of the Financial institution – ‘Single Version of Truth’

Tailored made fully secured solution

Secure, reliable, real time data available for all types of users tailored to their needs

A fully compliant regulatory solution

International and Local regulatory and statutory Compliance (Basel III, IFRS/IAS)

No more inconsistencies in business and regulatory reporting

A real-time view of your data, from one place. Teazuri DWH solution makes it easy for the banks to understand their data collected from different sources.

How to start with ASEE Tezauri DWM?

Discover what ASEE Tezauri has to offer and how it can meet your needs by starting a journey that will help you qualify if our solution is the right solution for your bank.

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