Fibabanka selects ASEE InACT® External Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution

Fibabanka in Türkiye, known for swift and easy banking experience, has implemented InACT® External Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution for end-to-end fraud management, encompassing the detection of fraudulent activities in customer transactions through digital channels and card transactions. Fibabanka’s commitment to offer the highest level of security to millions of customers across Türkiye led them to choose ASEE InACT® External Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution, an innovative ML and AI-supported system detecting and preventing risky transactions.

The InACT External Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution enabled Fibabanka to monitor transactions coming from external channels against pre-defined fraud scenarios. The bank successfully detected risky transactions that matched the scenarios and prevented both real-time and near real-time fraudulent attacks. The Common Point Analysis module of the solution identified cards or accounts used at risky points and prevented fraudulent attacks before they even began. The solution provided users with essential performance indicators in fraud detection, opening the door to obtaining various types of reports based on the needs of fraud analysts.

Fibabanka has strengthen the defense against fraud attacks and improved customer satisfaction by providing the highest level of security to its customers with InACT® External Fraud Detection and Prevention Solution.


Published On: December 14th, 20231 min read


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