One-stop solution
for construction project management and seamless facility and asset oversight

Manage the entire construction project lifecycle, from initial planning to seamless execution and ongoing maintenance

Fieldwork 4 is an integrated solution for asset management and design, planning, and implementation support for construction projects.

FieldWork 4 Industry stakeholders

How can Fieldwork 4 help your business and boost compliance?

Improved project efficiency and cost control

Enhanced risk management and compliance

Improved profitability and business growth

Reduced regulatory risks and legal issues

Better asset and facility maintenance

Informed, data-driven decision-making

Increased customer satisfaction

Scalability and operational efficiency

Fieldwork 4 features for better way of construction project managing

Intuitive tools for creating detailed project services, resource allocation, and budget management. It helps project managers set clear objectives, allocate tasks, and establish realistic project plans to ensure projects are well-organized from the start.

Common Dana Environment (CDE) for real-time progress tracking and collaboration among teams and team members. It streamlines communication, enabling stakeholders to stay updated on project deliveries, resolve issues promptly, and ensure that construction work proceeds according to plan.

Centralized contracting information, tracking orders, and managing inventory. It helps businesses ensure timely delivery of materials, cost control, and quality assurance, ultimately reducing delays and cost overruns.

Storage and retrieval of project-related documents, such as blueprints, permits, and contracts and also includes robust Case Management capabilities. It ensures that all stakeholders have easy access to critical documents, reducing the risk of information gaps, delays, and errors.

Provides valuable insights into project performance, resource utilization, and cost trends. It enables businesses to make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and optimize future projects based on historical data and real-time information.

Fieldwork 4 integrated business

  • Enabling ERP and other third-party integrations for standard and industry specific processes related to asset management, customer service, procurement, contracting, invoicing​…
  • Integrate your user directory to easily manage access and hierarchy-based roles. ​
  • Turn your real-time events into IoT/Mail triggered work orders​.
  • Import and visualize BIM data for planning, execution and maintenance. Transfer completed work orders data to Autodesk Construction Cloud.
  • Product developed in accordance with ISO 55001 and ISO 19650 guidelines.

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