Rock solid integrity, confidentiality, and accountability

at the same time.

Rock solid integrity, confidentiality, and accountability
at the same time.

GDPR Governance ensures fair and transparent personal data processing in respect of data subject

ASEE GDPR is a comprehensive solution that provides a simple & standardized way for integrating different filing systems which keep personal data safe.

How does ASEE GDPR deliver value for the companies?

Seamless integration with other systems, exceptional functionality, and scalability potential make ASEE GDPR the right solution for long-term user data management.

One place data management

ASEE GDPR understand business goals and operational strategy so the solutions core process could be used to acquire, organize, synchronize, enrich and share master data accordingly

Centralized consent management

Centralized consent management solution from ASEE GDPR allows you to gain insights across several data domains and achieve synergetic effects.

Easy integration through APIs

Proactively pivot or adapt to evolving markets or customer needs with a powerful API studio.

Meet ASEE GDPR features and master all data domains on one platform.

You will be able to define personal data and enable the solution to notify other components of your information system on the necessity of data anonymization/deletion, depending on consent validity

Provide you the opportunity to link Business Process to respective consent and personal data set that it covers.

Personal data export, customer consent and other customizable reports are available through this feature.

This feature will enable you to handle client requests related to their personal data.

ASEE GDPR main characteristics:

The most beneficial results that you can get from ASEE GDPR Governance are alignment with the GDPR regulations, transparent treatment of client’s personal data and significantly reduced possibility to get fines and penalties which data protection authorities have imposed under the GDPR.

Modern architecture

Cloud native architecture based on microservices allows ASEE GDPR to meet all legal & business requirements.

Full range of integration capacity

Integration through API or file exchange with different data sources make ASEE GDPR easy to integrate solution.

Easy to install & fully secured solution

There is no second chance to build trust. That is why we ensure that our Core Banking System has all the best latest security systems embedded into the solution while not making it complicated to implement.

How to start with ASEE GDPR?

Discover what ASEE GDPR has to offer and how it can meet your needs by starting a journey that will help you qualify if our ASEE GDPR is the right solution for your bank.

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