Enable your existing and new customers
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Manage the lifecycle of leases, assets, guarantees, and insurances.

LeaseFlex-Financial & Operational Leasing

ASEE LeaseFlex provides financial & operational leasing companies to manage full life cycle of leases and assets with new business strategies in line with the global changes.

LeaseFlex helps you manage full lifecycle of leases and assets by providing improved customer engagement and consistent experience as it allows you to offer more services across all channels.

LeaseFlex assists you in identifying sales and business opportunities with your customers, channel partners, and suppliers.

Technology that makes a difference

LeaseFlex differentiates itself on the market by leveraging the latest SOA-based web technologies for end-to-end management of the lease and asset lifecycle.

Flexible Implementation

The robust infrastructure platform provides fast adaptability for tailor-made solutions for our customers as well as for changing requirements within the industry.

Multi-product platform

LeaseFlex provides a multi-product platform for financial leasing, operating leasing, and equipment finance with consolidated reporting for risk assessment and financial performance analysis.

Features that bring results:

With modules spanning offers, credit information, collaterals, lease agreements, payment plans, purchasing, customer risk, accounting, insurance, and financial operations, LeaseFlex ensures comprehensive control over the entire lease lifecycle.

LeaseFlex provides enhanced tools for risk management and monitoring of the outstanding risk for vendors, customer affiliates, shareholders and guarantors.

Document indexing is the process of linking or labeling digital documents with certain attributes or labels. It makes discovering files easier and so allows the user to access any document at any moment with a few clicks.

Leaseflex offers you a chance to understand profitability on the basis of customer group, customer and contract

Manage Customer, Sales, and Channel Knowledge with 360 Degree Perspective for all Business Relationships

Combining enterprise-wide financial functionality with advanced CRM capabilities, LeaseFlex manages and provides easy access to customer and sales channel knowledge base.

360 degree perspective

360 degree perspective for all business relationships customer and its affiliates, suppliers, channel dealers, vendors, shareholders, and guarantors

Centralized monitoring

Centralized monitoring of risk for all customer, customer affiliates, vendor, and guarantors

Centralized reporting

Centralized online reporting of operational and financial data for all third parties and customer info from other modules.

Multi-functional product solution

Financial leasing

Operating leasing

Equipment finance

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Discover what ASEE Leaseflex has to offer and how it can meet your needs by starting a journey that will help you qualify if our ASEE Leaseflex is the right solution for your company.

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