Money Motion gathered world-known fintech experts in Zagreb

One event stands out as the pinnacle of innovation and collaboration when discussing financial technology in the SEE region: Money Motion.

Hosted at the Zagreb Fair on March 21st and 22nd, Money Motion 2024 brought together over 2,000 visionaries, professionals, and enthusiasts from over 600 companies – a testament to its growing significance in fintech. With the support of numerous sponsors, including Payten, as well as ASEE and Monri, a member of Payten as co-founders of the conference, Money Motion gathered industry leaders and experts to share all the latest insights and trends regarding fintech.

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More than 80 speakers & experts gathered to discuss the latest trends in modern banking, the future of digital tokens, and emerging risks. Representing central banks, regional financial institutions, tech pioneers, investment firms, and industry associations, Money Motion served as a dynamic platform for shaping the future of finance.
Among the speakers were four individuals from the ASEE group who contributed their expertise to the discussions.

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Damir Čaušević, president of the Management Board at Monri, offered insights into the future of the European payment industry. Topics explored included instant payments, SoftPOS adoption, and the implications of regulatory frameworks like PSD3 and the Digital Euro. Darko Marjanović, Co-founder of Things Solver and member of ASEE, moderated a session on AI and data-driven banking, discussing generative AI in banking, myths, and realities surrounding ChatGPT, and various AI models.

Adam Wolszczak, Group Business Development Director at ASEE, participated in a panel on funding for fintech startups, offering insights into securing funding, identifying promising regional fintechs, and navigating regulatory frameworks and technological innovations.

Finally, Viktor Olujić, a Board Member at ASEE, moderated and led a discussion on fintech cybersecurity, examining the integration of AI tools for client identification, the timing for implementing security measures in MVPs, and the expectations of banks and financial institutions.

Since its inception, Money Motion’s concept has been straightforward:
to bring together fintech experts under one roof. With a vision to unite professionals from various sectors, including banking, payments, financial technologies, and crypto, the goal is to foster an environment for idea exchange and meaningful discussions.

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Reflecting on the conference’s significance, Igor Gržalja, Country leader of ASEE Croatia, remarked, “We are proud to support once again the Money Motion conference, a platform we’ve passionately and enthusiastically built from the start. For the second consecutive year, we’ve gathered impressive names from the fintech industry, fostering unparalleled networking and idea exchange. It’s gratifying to see Money Motion elevate Zagreb and Croatia within the global fintech community, and we’re confident that the conference will continue to thrive with our ongoing support.”

As a leading force in the fintech sector, ASEE remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and empowering businesses to transform finance. With events like Money Motion paving the way for collaboration and discovery, the future of fintech has never looked brighter. Anticipating the next edition of MoMo in 2025, there are expectations for further growth, learning, and industry advancement opportunities.

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