Full office lifecycle solution designed to meet the complete needs of an international treasury operation in a modern environment.

The perfect solution
for the bank operations in domestic payment systems

ASEE National Payment Solution enables full compliance with local payment regulations.

A banking solution that enable a full automatization of all payment processes.

Meet ASEE National Payment modules

The subsystem for the support of national payment transactions provides the appropriate technical environment, within the existing organizational scheme of the bank, necessary for performing the tasks of the payment transaction service in the bank.

Centralized account management

ASEE solution enables banks and companies to manage accounts and control the revenue, and expenditure of each affiliate/subsidiary.

Instant payments

Our solution allows bank customers to make time-sensitive payments whenever needed and provides them with more flexibility to manage their money from any device they prefer.

Online booking & bank liquidity monitoring

Management of the transaction posting in real-time so everything is processed immediately enabling the bank to know their liquidity at any time.

Top ASEE National Payment features:

The payment system provides you with the values that it requires to identify each payment or settlement batch file. Stored in the payment system account are values for settings and your company’s identifiers.

Asset management software solutions cover everything from portfolio management, trading, and transaction cost analysis to reconciliation and operations management as well as compliance with collateral, and all points in between.

The system supports already predefined reports but at the same time offers full flexibility for developing a personalized reports based on your needs

The value ASEE CMS delivers

Personalized card management

One of the main benefits of ASEE CMS is that solution improves the adoption of new card programs by aligning them to customer needs and properly targeting customers with the goal of getting higher uptake and usage – all of that backed up with the power of AI and customer personalization.

Faster time to market delivery

The solution architecture allows issuers to rapidly adapt systems to variations in business. This helps reduce costs of interfacing to country-specific processing gateways, payment schemes, credit scoring, and personalization bureau.

Cost racionalization

Being an integrated part of the core banking system, ASEE CMS solution lowers the implementation time and makes the total cost of ownership significantly lower by making the whole process efficient.

The best possible experience for your cardholders, partners and internal users

The card management system enables all standard card products that the bank aims to issue (several international card types, national cards, etc.) to be integrated within the same system.

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