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Notary services solution for modern – age notary organizations.

How does the ASEE solution help run flawless notary service operations?

Helius notary software named NISA provides secure electronic notarization functionality.

One solution for all processes

Notary offices save big time by using ASEE as a system for managing all the necessary operations.

Financial administration in real – time

Financial administration of the activity of each notary office and reporting to the tax system agencies in real-time.

Regulatory compliant solution

Local and regional market features and compliance with industry regulations are 100% included in ASEE Notary System.

Notary services solution main characteristics:

Helius notary software named NISA provides secure electronic notarization functionality. It offers greater security and convenience for both businesses and consumers who regularly deal with notarizations. NISA is the electronic system of notaries and is owned by the National Chamber of Notaries.


Digitization of the documentary archive of notarial acts and automatic production of the electronic documents.


Communication and interoperability with other state databases.

Electronic documents signing

Electronic signing of documents that ensures the authenticity of the notarial deed.

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