OfficeBanking solution upgrade by ASEE Serbia

Since October this year, the ASEE Serbia banking outsourcing team has enabled its users to access the tax system and electronic invoice system in Serbia through the OfficeBanking application.

Two new modules have been implemented within the OfficeBanking application, e-Taxes and e-Invoices, which give this product additional value and enable users to have a more comfortable and simpler working day.

In this way, users within one application have the possibility to view and pay (or settle) their tax returns, as well as send and receive electronic invoices.

New functionalities are available to users of all banks, both outsourced and in-house.

By integrating with the mentioned systems, OfficeBanking remains competitive in terms of monitoring trends and needs (users) on the market.


Published On: December 14th, 20230.6 min read


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