Supporting Major Merger on Serbian Market – Mathilda Project

ASEE Completes Data Migration from CBS and DMS Systems of RBA Bank (ex Credit Agricole) to Raiffeisen Bank Serbia


Merging RBA bank (ex Credit Agricole) to become a part of Raiffeisen Bank is the most important undertaking since the beginning of Raiffeisen Bank’s operations in Serbia.

Upon completion, Raiffeisen Bank increased its market share in Serbia to 12%. The bank’s credit portfolio reached a value of more than 3 billion euros, the deposit potential exceeded 4.5 billion euros, while the base of active clients consists of almost one million users. The bank, as announced, continues to provide services to clients at a total of 136 locations throughout the country, with an increased number of ATMs exceeding 300 devices.

For this scale of operation to run smoothly, it was crucial to ensure smooth merger of two banks’ systems into one, which was a massive undertaking launched under the name Mathilda project, and ASEE was chosen as a partner for this project.

The project covered  migration of all relevant data and business processes from Information system of RBA banka into Information system of Raiffeisen Bank, ASEE Core Banking and DMS system, with the goal of ensuring operational continuity on the same or higher level, with full regard of all contractual responsibilities to Bank’s clients as well as continuation in reporting to regulatory bodies.

It was set to be completed in 13 months, which is quite ambitious for this scale of system mergers. The key challenges that were met successfully included completeness and high quality data export to the destination IT system, 100% financial reconciliation of transferred data from source to target system as well as full alignment of client records of both banks.


Each of five migration cycles consisted of data export, transformation and import into the destination system, testing and verification of the transferred data, as well as a functional test of the process in the destination system. Raiffeisen Bank’s destination information system included the ASEE Core Banking software solution as well as a significant number of bank’s own solutions not maintained by ASEE, which added the risk and complexity.

Simultaneously with the major migration process, three parallel initiatives were also carried out:

  • Migration of Credit Agricole (CA) Serbia bank from CA group services directly to Raiffeisen Bank International group services (AML, Swift, etc.)
  • Consolidation of reporting systems according to Raiffeisen Bank International (RBI) group standard, which included migrating from the RBA system (ex system of rebranded Credit Agricole) to achieve unified reporting of RBI to ECB
  • Rebranding of all Credit Agricole screens to temporary entity RBA Bank

We are paticularly proud of the quality of work done, which was proven already on the 1st, and especially on the 2nd „dress rehearsal“, which passed with no errors and with full financial alignment, well before go live phase.


Published On: June 21st, 20232.3 min read


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