ASEE and Payten Won Silver Smart-i Insurance Awards in Türkiye

ASEE and Payten have been honored with awards at the Smart-i Awards Program, that aims to support products and services dedicated to improving the insurance sector in Türkiye.

ASEE won the Silver award in the ‘Innovative Customer Interaction’ category for the ‘3D Supported Secure IVR’ project, which processes payment transactions conducted through IVR systems in Payten’s PCI DSS environment and enhances security with 3D Secure support. This project, provides the highest level of security during the payment process and prevents any negative impact on customer experience.

With the ‘Uninterrupted Collection’ project that was developed specifically for Türkiye’s leading insurance company AcnTURK Sigorta, Payten won the Silver award in the ‘Digital Transformation’ category at the 2023 Smart-i Insurance Awards in Türkiye!

AcnTURK Sigorta is the only insurance company that is established by the insurance agencies in Türkiye. With the help of the integrated modules of Payten Payment Gateway, AcnTURK is maximizing the successful transaction rate in payments received through digital channels. In addition, the dual integration of both bank POS and Paratika Virtual POS into the payment system enables greater flexibility and continuity in payment processing as well increase of the customer experience by providing seamless and smooth payment experience.


Published On: October 19th, 20231 min read


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