ASEE Romania attains all four competences in Veeam® Partner Competency Program

ASEE in Romania has achieved a remarkable feat by obtaining all four competences in the Veeam® Partner Competency Program. This achievement demonstrates ASEE Romania’s commitment to excellence in data protection, disaster recovery, and cloud solutions.

The Veeam® Partner Competency Program is a rigorous certification process designed to recognize partners who excel in providing comprehensive data protection solutions using Veeam’s cutting-edge technologies. ASEE Romania’s success in acquiring all four competences in the program is a testament to their expertise and dedication to delivering top-notch services to their clients.

The four competences achieved by ASEE Romania in the Veeam® Partner Competency  Program are as follows:

  1. Container Protection: Containerization has become a critical technology for modern application development and deployment. ASEE Romania’s expertise in container protection ensures that businesses can secure their containerized applications and data effectively.
  2. Microsoft 365 Protection: With the increasing reliance on Microsoft 365 for productivity and collaboration, the need for robust data protection solutions is paramount. ASEE Romania’s proficiency in Microsoft 365 Protection ensures that organizations can safeguard their critical data within the Microsoft 365 environment.
  3. Public Cloud Protection: As businesses migrate their workloads to public cloud environments, ensuring data availability and security in these environments is crucial. ASEE Romania’s competence in Public Cloud Protection guarantees that clients’ data remains secure and accessible in public cloud platforms.
  4. Ransomware and Disaster Recovery: Ransomware attacks have become a severe threat to businesses worldwide. ASEE Romania’s expertise in Ransomware and Disaster Recovery empowers organizations to mitigate these risks effectively, ensuring business continuity even in the face of cyberattacks and disasters.

What sets ASEE Romania apart is that they are currently the only partner in Romania to have acquired all four competences in the Veeam® Partner Competency Program. This achievement highlights their position as a leading technology solutions provider in the country, capable of delivering comprehensive and advanced data protection solutions.

Adrian Nastase, Country Leader of ASEE Romania, expressed his pride in the team’s accomplishments, saying, “Obtaining all four competences in the Veeam® Partner Competency Program is a significant milestone for ASEE Romania. It reflects our unwavering commitment to providing our clients with the highest level of data protection and disaster recovery solutions. We are proud to be the first and only partner in Romania to achieve this distinction.”

ASEE Romania’s achievement in the Veeam® Partner Competency Program not only underscores their technical prowess but also reinforces their commitment to helping businesses in Romania and beyond safeguard their critical data and IT infrastructure. With these competences, ASEE Romania is well-equipped to address the evolving data protection needs of organizations in today’s digital landscape.


Published On: December 14th, 20232.1 min read


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