ASEE successfully finished modernization of the whole IT system for Halk Bank

ASEE in Serbia has recently completed the HALK Fusion Project for HALKBANK a.d. Beograd, a significant milestone in the bank’s modernization efforts. This comprehensive initiative involved replacing the bank’s Core Banking System (CBS), consolidating additional systems, and modernizing its entire IT architecture.

Central to this transformation was the implementation of a new central information system, powered by the ASEE platform. This system introduced new functionalities, improving individual activities and streamlining business processes. However, it also required careful adaptation and integration of existing applications.

Additionally, the replacement of the CBS included meticulous data migration, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory standards. Remarkably, HALKBANK a.d. Beograd achieved its digital transformation in just two and a half years, a noteworthy accomplishment considering the industry average of four to five years for similar projects. This achievement highlights the efficiency of collaboration between ASEE and the bank, despite the challenges and tight deadlines.


Published On: March 22nd, 20240.8 min read


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