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With a profound expertise in mobile technology in banking, payments, telecom and retail, we are trusted consultants dedicated to enhance our client’s success with innovative and secure mobile solutions. If you face challenges in building your mobile strategy and products, we are here to work with you.

Tailor-made mobile solutions

If you’re envisioning a mobile app but unsure how to start, count on us! Our experts will guide you in crafting a tailored solution that meets your business needs.

Turn-key projects

Do you have a project in mind but need more in-house expertise to execute it? We offer comprehensive end-to-end services, from gathering requirements to development and testing. Hand us the keys, and we’ll swiftly bring your idea to fruition.

Support in development

You are in the midst of executing your project but require assistance with developing specific parts? We have a team of experienced developers proficient in the most advanced mobile technologies. They work with these technologies daily and would be a great outsourced partners to assist you.


Do you need a second opinion on a problem you’ve encountered with mobile services? We will find a solution and resolve your concerns.

Advanced security solutions

Do you want your app to be bulletproof against growing security threats? Our security solutions, from authentication to app shielding, have been proven in the most advanced financial systems worldwide.

Take your business to new heights with our adaptable and tailored mobile solutions, with all the tools you need to fully thrive in the digital world.

Mobile App Additional Functionalities

Enhance Your Existing Mobile App with Additional Functionalities

You already have an mobile application but would need additional functionalities? We can develop it for you and make it of the best use for your clients.

Save time and money with our automated app testing solutions

We have implemented automated testing and have successfully tested applications for numerous clients on both iOS and Android platforms.

ASEE Mobile app testing

Check out our success story with our long-standing partner Intesa Sanpaolo Group regarding innovations in mobile banking!

Explore the successful collaboration with our long-standing partner Intesa Sanpaolo Group, where our primary goal of developing a cutting-edge mobile banking app for multiple countries transformed into a milestone achievement.

Adaptive Elements Platform for mobile app development

We were determined to develop native and fast mobile applications, but with one crucial element – they cannot compromise excellent user experience. That is why we built the Adaptive Elements Platform (AE) – a solution that enables the rapid creation of native mobile applications.

Explore the full potential of AE and revolutionize your mobile app development journey today!

Advanced mobile app security

Safeguard your mobile application seamlessly, ensuring uninterrupted user experience while staying ahead of evolving security threats. Defend against reverse engineering and tampering attempts effortlessly with advanced obfuscation and encryption techniques.

Discover the dynamic landscape of mobile application security with our eBook: “Mobile Application Security Toolkit: The Three Pillars of Anti-Tampering for Mobile Apps.” Dive into the versatile world of mobile applications across industries and uncover key insights into present and evolving threats!

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