Şeker Leasing selects ASEE LeaseFlex

One of Türkiye’s leading leasing companies, Şeker Leasing, has implemented ASEE LeaseFlex to manage all of its financial leasing processes through an end-to-end integrated business management and decision support solution in the areas of operational leasing and consumer financing.

ASEE LeaseFlex enables Şeker Leasing to comprehensively manage and automate business processes from procurement and sales, to customer relations and channel management with a 360-degree perspective, minimizing operational risks, and producing fast and precise reporting. Thanks to the solution’s compatibility with mobile technologies, employees can complete transactions instantly even when they are out of office.

One of the reasons Şeker Leasing chose LeaseFlex was the need to easily comply with the legal obligations and regulations. The solution enabled Şeker Leasing to successfully complete frequent audits and to fulfil the regulatory demands quickly and easily.

Furthermore, after an intensive work by the ASEE team who are highly experienced in the leasing industry, the implementation of LeaseFlex has enabled Şeker Leasing to digitize the manual operations, and transfer the critical business data. The employees of Şeker Leasing can now quickly access customer, sales and channel information through LeaseFlex, achieving faster fulfilment of customer requests. As a result of the project, Şeker Leasing automated its workflows to reduce operational risks, and increased operational efficiency.


Published On: March 22nd, 20241.1 min read


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