Tenfore boosts payment processing efficiency with IPS Payment Gateway integration in collaboration with ASEE in Serbia

ASEE successfully deployed its latest solution, IPS Payment Gateway, for its client, Tenfore, a payment institution. This implementation enables Tenfore to efficiently route transactions received from end-users at its points of sale directly to the IPS NBS system, ensuring seamless processing around the clock through NBS 24/7.

This strategic integration allows Tenfore to become an indirect participant in the NBS IPS system, offering end-users the convenience of immediate bill payments at their points of sale, accessible 24/7. Challenges included navigating Tenfore’s status as the first payment institution in the NBS IPS system that isn’t a bank, as well as establishing connectivity with the payment institution’s system and completing IPS testing conducted by the NBS.

This milestone project distinguishes Tenfore as the inaugural non-bank payment institution on the NBS IPS system. Recognized as a significant step forward, this achievement was underscored in NBS presentations as a pivotal moment in broadening the inclusion of diverse financial institutions within the IPS framework


Published On: March 22nd, 20240.8 min read


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