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Core Banking System, Integrated banking system for retail and corporate banking, Digital Onboarding, AI and customer engagement for banking.

ASEE’s offering for the banking industry covers a broad range of products and services, from core banking solutions, and omnichannel solutions designed to distribute banking services over new, alternative distribution channels to communication platforms and AI.

How does ASEE help banks run flawless operations?

Seamless integration with other solutions, exceptional functionalities, user customization, and scalability make ASEE products the right solution for your banks’ growth.

Solution for all banking processes

A fully centralized system for client records, accounts record data, bookkeeping, fees, taxes, and interests that allows you to build digital processes for internal and external stakeholders.

End to end automatization

Implementing advanced systems, cutting-edge technologies and AI makes it easy to automate the whole process.

Regulatory compliant solutions

Local and regional market features and compliance with industry regulations are 100% included in ASEE Banking Solutions. This makes our solutions a “one-stop shop” for banks worldwide.

Solutions that change banks day to day life:

Speed up operations and decrease operational costs with innovative banking solutions.

All in one security solution for each step of the customer journey.

Providing market information and pricing advice to the organization as well as ensuring that deals are transacted in accordance with authorization rules

Align your communication and services with next-generation customers.

ASEE products main characteristics:

24×7 availability

Core banking systems are complex, highly customized, and built to handle large volumes of transactions with 24/7 availability.

Real-time availability

Real-time balance is essential to ensure clear funds are honored. That is why we pay special attention to that information your process is always at your customer’s disposal

Fully secured & compliant products

There is no second chance to build trust. That is why we ensure that our Core Banking System has all the best latest security systems embedded into the solution while not making it complicated to implement.

Multi-functional banking front and back office solutions

Take a look at one of the ASEE products.

How to start with bank digitalization?

Discover what ASEE has to offer and how it can meet your needs by starting a journey that will help you qualify if our products are the right solution for your bank.

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